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Podcasting w/Purpose!


"So why a podcast and why now? Well before I get into that I want to share a little bit about myself –

See, a child that was molested, bullied, and abused by what seemed to be everybody – friends, family, total strangers! At a young age, I already felt broken, lonely, and rejected. These experiences “told” I had no worth in this world – and I listened!!!

I couldn’t see why my life mattered – honestly, I didn’t believe that it did!

In fact, when I was 20 years old, I found myself trapped in an alleyway, sitting in the back seat of a car with 2 guns pointed at me, 1 of them pressed against the side of my head. All they wanted was a bag of weed I had on me that cost $120 dollars.

They asked me 3 times for that weed and 3 times I told them NO! On the third no, I felt the hammer pull back and pop in the chamber – but nothing came out and I thank God that it didn’t!

As I look back at that, I reflect and realize just how worthless I was in my own eyes – where really mattered!

It was until 4 years later that discovered something that would change the course of my life! It was a man who walked up to me and looked me in the eyes and said something that would forever change the way I see myself - he told me WHAT I AM!

With one sentence, he gave me a new idea about myself - an idea that would inspire a new perspective, philosophy about my identity: about the identity of all humanity.

For the first time, I could begin to see there was a purpose/plan for my life was!

So why a podcast and why now? Because I've decided to do for others what was done for me many years ago - to pay it forward, to invest in the future of humanity, to be bold enough, brave enough to help you to see what that man helped me to see!

With my life, “I AM, creating awareness of God’s appreciation for humanity – the lie has always been, we’re inadequate when the truth is we’re invaluable.

This podcast is committed to communicating ideas that will inspire a great awareness and appreciation for the value your life contributes to our world."

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